Questions we need to ask on wind project

Despite strong and reasonable opposition from the most negatively impacted and least benefiting community of Henderson, the reasonable questions the Watertown Daily Times has asked, despite the Watertown Daily Times editorial against it, the developer and town of Hounsfield continue to push the proposed wind farm on Galloo Island.

Advocates ask that those who are opposed give them facts, not opinions.

Similarly, those proposing should give the public facts - other than it will be 30, 600-foot wind turbines and a 30-plus-mile underwater cable to the Oswego area.

When considering this wind farm proposal, shouldn't we be asking, "What will be factually better as a result of this wind farm on Galloo Island?"

■ Will tourism be increased when a North Carolina State University study indicates the opposite?

What will be the drawing power to Sackets Harbor or Henderson of 30, 600-foot wind turbines on the horizon?

■ What businesses will better benefit from the wind farm and what will be the benefit?

Are there factual increases in restaurant business, in hotel business, in shopping, in sailing or fishing, in boat traffic or sales?

■ Will the wildlife, e.g., nesting eagles or migratory birdlife, be better served by this wind farm?

What factual betterment to this wildlife, whom we have an obligation to protect, will come from the wind farm?

■ Will the local environment be factually better?

Are wind turbines, which a recent Harvard study finds contribute to surface warming, factually better for the environment and factually better than solar or hydro power?

■ What will be factually better for Sackets Harbor as an important historic resource for New York or the United States?

As the battlefield in Sackets Harbor has the best view of Galloo Island and this is the historic view our protectors had in 1812 and 1813, what will be factually better as an historical resource when this view now contains an island full of 600-foot tall wind turbines?

The same question can be asked for the "spectacular sunsets" Sackets offers to residents and visitors.

■ What will be the factual betterment to Sackets Harbor of the taxes the wind farm is rumored to pay?

What are the actual facts that we should count on, the impact of a 15-year payment-in-lieu-of-taxes agreement, is there contractual protection against future reassessment, any factual protection from abandonment when the wind farm outlives its usefulness?

What factual change in individual property taxes will occur?

Is the developer offering property value guarantees as some builders of wind farms have done?

■ Aren't these questions the advocates should answer with facts; what will be better for Sackets Harbor, for our Henderson neighbors?

J. Briggs McAndrews

Sackets Harbor