Town of Madison house fire fueled by wind

Windy conditions triggered a house fire Tuesday afternoon in the Town of Madison.

It happened on Munn Road.

The Town of Madison fire chief said when they got to the scene, the fire had already gone through the roof.

The home had a structure with three roofs stacked on top of each other. Fire Chief Dave Bloom said a combination of that, plus the weather, made things complications.

"There's a lot of overhaul to do pulling the roof apart, and as we're doing that the wind's blowing at, whatever it is, forty miles and hour. That's creating, like a blow-torch effect of the wind blowing on that fire," said Bloom.

The Town of Madison Police Department said one person was home at the time but no one was injured.

There is no word on what caused the fire or how much damage was caused.

Town of Madison Fire Department along with the Monona Fire Department and Fitchburg Fire Department are all on scene.